Content designer: what an adventure. 
In Pomodoro I've brought together all my pluses: interpersonal relationships flair, deep interest for UX and graphics, plus of course my big love for writing and putting into it the understanding of people and their realities. 

Here some of the works I had more fun creating and ones of the best websites my work and those of my colleagues has brought to life.
Imola Ceramiche case history explained by me on Behance |
this website really rocks and it was very interesting getting to know such and important Italian reality, giving to it a completely new, modern and interactive look, focused on people - as, as their claim says: Tiles are it's up to people putting their stories into focus making them no more boring but full of life, details, colors and things to tell!
21Eventi case history explained by me on Behance |
pure emotion, adrenaline and...speed: all given by words, visual and the power of emotions, as - as Maya Angelou said:

"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."
Movingfluid case history explained by me on Behance |
moving fluids is not easy...but it becomes easier if you do it talking about "sfighe" (which means unlucky events :) happened to customers but promptly solved by MF) above all when it comes to the "how we solved it" part. 
My passion for writing and experimenting has also brought something new to Pomodoro: a new social identity. Here some Facebook posts.
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